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August 2023

Seinn air Loidhne - Gaelic Song Class (with Brian)

Tapadh leibh/Thank you to everyone who has attended or shown interest in the Seinn air Loidhne-Gaelic Song Class over the past year and a half. It has been an amazing journey learning and exploring Gaelic songs together, especially over lockdown. 🙏

The class is now on a break and will resume on 10 March for a four-week course where we will go over the songs which are available in the group dropbox folder. We will also listen to some of these songs from field recordings on the Tobar An Dualchais resource. 🎵🎶

I look forward to singing with you soon and please feel free to invite people to join the class and Facebook group. I have received lovely feedback from class participants saying that they feel that this class helps them improve their Gaelic pronunciation, understanding and appreciation of Gaelic language, song and culture. 🥰

Tapadh leibh a-rithist. Tha e na urram dhomh a bhith còmhla ruibh gach seachdain a (bh)charaidean. Cumaibh a' seinn!

New album by Mckerron Brechin Ó hEadhra

January 2022

“Le Chèile” is a stunning new album by Mckerron Brechin Ó hEadhra with beautiful Gaelic, Scots & Irish songs & cracking tune sets.  

With musicians: Charlie McKerron– fiddle; Sandy Brechin – piano accordion; Brian Ó hEadhra – acoustic guitar, vocals, bodhran.  

"Three big names and an even bigger sound... Le Chèile spans old and new, fast and slow, Scots and Irish, and even a little of the New World to add to our European Celtic heritage." Living Tradition Magazine

Buy your copy here.  

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