TÌR is a musical and visual arts project lead by Highland based duo Brian Ó hEadhra & Fionnag NicChoinnich. The duo have collected and written songs from the Highlands & Islands dealing with both traditional and contemporary subject matter which is still relevant to life in the Highlands today.

The subject matter include customs, beliefs and folklife, engagement with our natural environment, emigration and immigration, land reform, and sustainable living.

TUATH is a musical and cultural exploration of the connections between the Gaels and their nearest Atlantic neighbours. This stunning album, released February 2020, includes traditional songs as well as new material by Ó hEadhra & NicChoinnich, sung in Scottish Gaelic, Danish, Norwegian, Irish Gaelic and Galician.

The music speaks to our past, present and future, ranging from the simple voice to expansive arrangements and exquisite sound design by composer/musician Mike Vass.

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